The company is committed to research and development of environmental protection technology, manufacturing of environmental protection equipment, environmental engineering design, construction and operation of environmental protection facilities. Let efficient and safe filtering products serve the world.

The company upholds the aim of environmental protection, pursues the perfect balance of human, nature and science and technology, and strives to develop and innovate its scientific and technological products.


    Economy/Environment/Employees and Sustainable Development

  • Environment

    Welepe has achieved long-term success in the field of environmental sludge dewatering. We will continue our efforts to protect human beings and the environment.

  • Economy

    Further strengthening ecological environment construction is an important measure to expand domestic demand and foster new economic growth points.

  • Employees

    Employees are the cornerstone of Welepe's strategic goal of "creating a new role for machinery"

Engineering case

Welpep's team is led by experts from the National Standards Committee.Now we have many senior engineers,Concentrated study,In separation process/equipment manufacturing and engineering services ha


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