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Implementing Scheme of Struggling for Urban Black and Odorous Water Treatment in Jiangsu Province

The provincial government office issued the "Jiangsu Province urban black and odorous water treatment implementation plan for key battles".

The plan defines the key tasks of the battle: to make a comprehensive investigation of the number of black and odorous water bodies that have not yet been harnessed in the built area, to draw the distribution map of black and odorous water bodies, to carry out wall-map battles and sales numbers one by one; to highlight source control and pollution interception, to unify coding and management of sewage outlets into rivers and lakes; to implement rain and sewage diversion in the construction of new urban areas; to actively promote the transformation of rain and sewage diversion in the old urban areas Strengthening pollution control of industrial enterprises and agricultural countryside, strictly forbidding the transfer of urban garbage and industrial pollution to agricultural countryside, actively promoting the extension of urban sewage pipe network to surrounding villages, strengthening internal control, scientifically implementing silt dredging, removing pollutants deposited in sediment, promoting the quality of living water and rationally allocating water resources Source, gradually restore the ecological base flow of the water body, prevent rivers and lakes from backfilling into the urban drainage system through rainwater outlets, and vigorously promote the use of reclaimed water and rainwater for ecological recharge.

According to the plan, by the end of this year, black and odorous water bodies should be basically eliminated in the built-up areas of districts and cities and counties (cities) in the Taihu Lake Basin. Long-term management mechanism should be basically established. The sewage treatment rates of cities and counties reach 95% and 85% respectively. By the end of 2020, there are basically no direct outlets for domestic sewage in built-up areas of cities and districts, which basically realize the complete collection and treatment of sewage; the comprehensive utilization of sewage sludge or permanent treatment and disposal facilities of municipal sewage treatment plants in cities and counties (cities); and the basic realization of full coverage and operation of sewage treatment facilities in towns and townships.

(Source: Xinhua Daily China Sewage Treatment Project Network)


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