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Two trends of gradual stretching of the blue sea for sewage treatment are beginning to emerge

As we all know, pollution problems caused by industry have been concentrated in recent years, which has attracted great attention of the state and local governments. Facing the requirements of water pollution prevention and control, China's sewage treatment industry needs to be promoted urgently. From the point of view of policy, supervision and punishment, the momentum of environmental protection is good. Moreover, the comprehensive management of water environment has become a new trend, and the industry has great potential.


The generation of natural resources often requires many years of silence, but the development of industrial economy has promoted the development of natural resources is always vigorous, people benefit from this, often happy. But inadvertently neglected, or missed the concealed truth, pollution is the companion of industry, should be controlled, someone must always be responsible for it. In the first three quarters of 2017 alone, people were shocked by repeated exposures.

These incidents undoubtedly point to a problem: China's sewage treatment industry needs to be upgraded urgently.

In recent years, China has maintained a consistent and upward growth momentum in terms of government planning, policy guidance, supervision and punishment intensity in the face of increasingly harsh sewage pollution. Many provinces and municipalities have continuously promulgated corresponding rules and regulations, and at the same time, the strength of special transfer is also continuing.

On this basis, for large industries engaged in sewage treatment, a blue sea is stretching ahead. Not long ago, the Ministry of Environmental Protection briefed on the progress of key tasks of the Water Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan in the first half of 2017. Some media interpreted this, "Under the dual support of environmental supervision and demand upgrading, the sewage treatment industry will enter the era of large-scale construction and operation. With the change of policy environment and development trend, the traditional sewage treatment plant is difficult to continue. The single sewage treatment will gradually withdraw from the historical stage, and the comprehensive treatment of water environment will become the trend of the times.

According to the current situation of municipal wastewater treatment, the amount of municipal industrial wastewater treatment has exceeded the amount of wastewater discharged in that year. Comparing the amount of industrial wastewater discharged and treated in major cities, we can find that the overall work of water pollution prevention and control in China has made positive progress.

Thus, in the environment of policy guidance and industrial upgrading, the market demand for sewage treatment will continue to have obvious advantages in the next few years, and investment opportunities in related fields will be greater in the next few years.

In addition, the development trend of sewage treatment industry has developed from large and medium-sized cities, large-scale construction, large investment stage to small and medium-sized cities, a small number of construction needs, a large number of operational needs stage. This will also create more opportunities to profit from industrial investment. Water pollution situation is aggravating, making the sewage treatment and regeneration industry receive unprecedented attention. In recent two years, the gross profit rate of each region has remained at about 70%, even more than 100% in some areas. The industry has great potential for development.


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