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Key Points of Sludge Reduction Processing for Snail Stacker

All sewage treatment equipment has its advantages, and it can also reflect its own value in some specific industries. The snail stacking dehydrator has the advantages of low operation cost, high automation content and simple operation when it is used for sewage treatment.


In the 1960s, snail-folding dehydrator first appeared in Germany. It was first used in oil extraction, leather processing, meat crushing dehydration and waste filtration. On the basis of its wider application, snail-folding dehydrator was widely used in municipal wastewater treatment, industrial wastewater, petrochemical industry, etc. because of its easy separation, non-blocking and simple operation in operation. Pharmaceutical, textile printing and dyeing, metallurgy, food processing, aquatic products, mines, aquaculture and many other fields.


Operation principle of laminated screw dewatering machine: sewage runs along the direction of sludge outlet, screw pitch of screw shaft decreases gradually, gap between ring and ring decreases gradually, volume of screw cavity shrinks continuously. Under the action of back pressure plate at the outlet, internal pressure increases gradually, driven by successive operation of screw driving shaft, sludge dewatering is finally realized.


Key points of dehydration process for snails

Customers order a treatment equipment, often require low prices, large processing capacity, good treatment effect, how to make full use of the processing capacity of the laminated screw dewaterer to achieve good mud effect, there are many skills. Many people who have contacted the screw stacker dehydrator think that it has no technical content. In fact, its technological and mechanical technology content is very high.


The flocculating effect is the most important one in the treatment of sewage by the laminated screw dewaterer. The flocculating effect involves the operator's understanding of sludge properties, the content of organic matter, inorganic matter and SS in the sewage, which type of PAM to choose, whether to adjust the pH value of the sewage and add other coagulant, etc. The equipment should also be adjusted according to the treatment requirements and effects, such as adjusting the amount of sludge input according to the concentration of sewage, adjusting the gap of back pressure plate and driving motor speed according to the effect of sludge discharge and the appearance of sludge running.


Therefore, we not only need to understand the operation principle of the equipment, but also have a full understanding of the sewage to be treated. The same sewage, the same equipment, different operations make a great difference in the effect.


Flocculation effect of snail stacker dehydrator

What kind of flocculation effect is suitable for the snail stacker treatment, with considerable technical content. If the flocculation effect is not good, do not start the equipment, because after the start-up of the equipment, if the mud is less and the water content of the mud is high, the water from the movable and fixed ring crevice will be very turbid. So when we come into contact with customers, we first ask customers to provide water sample experiments, analyze the nature of sewage in the experimental process, and match the corresponding flocculants.


In the experiment, it is not enough to see the flocculation effect is good, but also to simulate the process of snail folding machine by hand. The intersection of several fingers is like a fixed ring and a moving ring. The most important thing is to see the flocculated flocculent flocculent flocculent can not form a group under the cross-rolling of fingers.

微信图片_20190312081305 Poor flocculation


Better flocculation

The flocculent sticking hand and not holding the flocculent show that the flocculation effect can not reach the treatment effect of the snail stacker, and the above mentioned situation will occur. The better the effect of flocculation, the better the anti-pressure effect of sludge in the snail-folding chamber, the lower the water content of sludge, the less sludge the organism runs, and the clearer the effluent is.


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