Static dehydrator

Machines specially designed for high concentration sewage and extruding*dry places; special for humus solids-blister dung (high bed type), pig farm, cattle farm, chicken farm, duck farm, etc.

Product characteristics:


1. Network pipe extrusion is designed to cope with the high concentration of wastewater, such as bubbles (high bed), chicken farms, duck farms, etc. Its operation process can maintain a stable solid moisture content of 65%, which is comparable to non-conventional spiral extrusion.

2. Breakthrough the technology of Europe, America and Japan, water cutting net is produced by itself, the clearance is 0.3-0.5m/m, the filtration is the most thorough, the treatment of the back section is the easiest, and the service life is long.

3. Gear reverse cleaning structure, non-cable electrical parts and other consumables can be recycled.

4. Automatic detection, full water start-up, automatic operation of filtration, drying, intermediate screen washing and screen filtering when shutdown.

The shell of the equipment is made of stainless steel, while the cylindrical filter is made of nylon material with strong corrosion resistance. The product is designed for the separation of small impurities. The sieve specifications can also be customized according to the customer processing materials, and the sieve density can be adjusted for gradual separation. The main parts of the machine are made of stainless steel alloy, which has good corrosion resistance. The screen is welded with stainless steel wedge-shaped strip stainless steel bar. The effect of filtration and liquid filtration is good. The blades are made of stainless steel. The bearing parts are treated with manganese wear resistance (exclusive technology). The service life of the screen is 2-3 times that of other similar products in China, and the times of maintenance and repair are reduced.


Outline size






Processing capacity


Diameter of inlet and outlet of submerged pump


Diameter of sewage outlet after separation



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