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Common Faults and Maintenance Methods of Spiral Dehydrator

Spiral dehydrator is widely used in dehydration of high-humidity dregs before drying, such as distiller's grains, fruit dregs, medicine dregs, cassava dregs, etc. It greatly reduces the burden of the dryer, greatly increases the output and reduces the energy consumption. It is an indispensable treatment equipment for high-humidity dregs before drying. The dehydrated materials can directly enter the drying equipment. Next, we will explain the common faults and maintenance methods of the screw dehydrator for you.

1. Connect the power supply and find that the dehydrator is not working.

Solution: Firstly, the multimeter is used to measure whether the plug of the dehydrator is in good contact with the socket; after the power is turned on, the dehydrator still does not work, the timer is rotated for a certain time, the brake is pulled up, and the dehydration barrel is manually rotated. If the dehydrator rotates normally and runs well, the capacitance damage can be determined. This is just to change the capacitor of the same specification.

2. The motor rotates slowly.

Solution: Ask the owner of the dehydrator whether the dehydrator can run quickly before it breaks down; if it can, it is the leakage of capacitance, then replace the same type of capacitor. If you can't run fast before, you need to replace a larger capacity capacitor. If there is a problem with the spindle, the spindle and the dewatering barrel should be fixed. If there is a braking problem, adjust the iron pad connected to the brake.

3. The motor does not move.

(1) Timer. Detection and Solution: Rotate the timer at a certain position, observe whether the timer is normal or not. If it is not normal, replace the timer. If it is normal, cover the cover of the dehydrator. Find out the two wires drawn by the timer. Use the multimeter to detect whether the two wires are conducting. If it is not conducting, the timer will have problems. If it is conducting, the timer will be normal.

(2) Motor. Detection and Solution: Use multimeter ohmmeter to detect two windings of the motor, one is connected with the common end of the winding, the other is connected with the other two ends of the winding respectively. If the phenomenon of disconnection is detected, the winding of the motor is broken. At this time, we can check whether there is any external problem of the motor. If so, we can connect the wire. If not, we can only replace the motor.


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