Welpep Independent technological innovation

The company is committed to research and development of environmental protection technology, manufacturing of environmental protection equipment, environmental engineering design, construction and operation of environmental protection facilities. Let efficient and safe filtering products serve the world. Adhering to the purpose of environmental protection, the company pursues the perfect balance of human, nature and science and technology, and strives to develop and innovate its scientific and technological products. Wilp Environmental Protection will be independent technological innovation and product quality concept throughout every link of the company's production and manufacturing.
  • Technology improvement
    Welpep is equipped with various kinds of high-quality and sophisticated equipment in Wuxi and Taizhou manufacturing bases, such as laser cutting machine, large lathe, CNC bending machine, plasma cutting machine, welding machine and so on. At the same time, Wilp has all kinds of advanced testing instruments, such as non-destructive testing room, filter material comprehensive performance test bench and so on. Wilp has Commissioners for regular maintenance to ensure safe and accident-free production and high quality and stable efficiency of products.
  • Factory operation
    Welpep Wuxi Production Base has a site area of 12,000, can produce large-scale solid-liquid separation equipment, annual output of 18,000 sets of equipment. Welpep production base has a site area of 3500 feet, can produce all kinds of accessories, consumables, annual production of 700,000 pieces.
  • Productive power
    Welpep uses standardized management in all aspects of product design, procurement and construction. The whole production process strictly operates in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 quality system. At the same time, each process has its own person in charge. In production management, Wilp has formulated strict inspection standards for raw materials, spare parts and products, and has passed inspection operation instructions. Over-standardized quality inspection records, complete inspection tools and other measures to further ensure product quality.

Brand story

Welpep is Wilp's constant pursuit
The Welpep team is headed by experts from the National Standards Committee. There are many senior engineers who devote themselves to research. They have their own unique opinions and rich experience in separation technology, equipment manufacturing and engineering services. They have solved the problems for tens of thousands of well-known customers at home and abroad. They are constantly cooperating with many well-known institutions and cooperating with them. Experts from all over the country conduct academic exchanges and discussions, and establish provincial research centers, so as to improve their technology.

Independent innovation

Independent Innovation is Welpep Business Idea
Welpep drafted a number of national standards for the industry, to their own industry for many years, to contribute to the standardization of China's environmental protection industry. The team of engineers constantly pursues technological innovation and product innovation to achieve leapfrog development of filtration and separation technology.

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