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Training and Guidance of Employees'Professional Knowledge

On December 11, 2018, employees of Wilp Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. gathered in the conference room for training.

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This is about professional knowledge training, lectured by Mr. Meng, Wilp staff listened very carefully, while listening to the pen carefully record, the whole training seminar carried out very smoothly.

Teacher Meng gave professional and detailed explanations on the general requirements of professional knowledge, environmental policy, environmental planning, environmental objectives, guidelines and programs, implementation and operation of the environment, information exchange and related documents. When talking about the laws and regulations related to environmental factors, Mr. Meng cited the relevant basis for the formulation of relevant laws by the state. He warned us that when formulating relevant laws and regulations, we should also match the environmental factors of the company.

From Mr. Meng's explanation, we also know that environmental management system is a very systematic and long-term thing, which requires the joint efforts of all members of the company. After the establishment of the environmental management system, it needs to be constantly revised and perfected according to the specific situation.

Finally, with warm applause, Wilp's training on environmental management system came to a successful conclusion.

After listening to the lecture, everyone felt that they had benefited a lot. Every training is a accumulation of knowledge, is a good promotion, learning in training, continuous progress in learning!


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