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Optimum Design for Pharmaceutical Industry

Wastewater produced by pharmaceutical enterprises is a kind of organic substance with complex structure, toxicity, harmfulness and biodegradability, which causes serious pollution to water body. At the same time, the industrial sewage also shows obvious acidity and alkalinity, and some of the sewage contains too much salt. These characteristics make pharmaceutical sewage a kind of sewage which is difficult to treat in the water treatment industry.

At present, the wastewater produced by pharmaceutical industry mainly uses physicochemical method to reduce the pollutant content in wastewater, and discharges the wastewater into the pipeline network after reaching the standard by biochemical method. The sludge in pharmaceutical industry is mainly physicochemical sludge (which usually accounts for more than 60% of the total dry sludge). This kind of sludge has high viscosity, high specific gravity and small particle size. Therefore, it is difficult to treat it by conventional solid-liquid separation equipment. In view of the characteristics of sludge in pharmaceutical industry, a new sludge treatment equipment, laminated screw sludge dewaterer, was developed and popularized by Wilp.

1) Innovative research and development of a new type of special spiral shaft for inorganic materials, through adjusting the distance between the impeller of the spiral shaft and reducing the dead zone between the shaft and the impeller, the pressure in the chamber of the dewatering body increases more smoothly, thus alleviating the problem of easily blocked sludge in the pharmaceutical industry;

2) A new type of ring configuration is adopted to reduce the gap between the rings and to ensure that most of the flocculated flocs are intercepted in the chamber so as to achieve the purpose of solid-liquid separation without blocking the shaft.

3) According to the different wastewater treatment processes adopted by pharmaceutical industry (such as coagulation, membrane separation and air flotation), the flocculation reaction time of the laminated screw sludge dewaterer can be adjusted flexibly to ensure that the sludge entering the dewatering body is in the best flocculation state.

4) In view of the great harm of pharmaceutical sludge, we adopt a fully sealed design, which makes the site environment cleaner. At the same time, it is equipped with pneumatic spring observation window to observe the internal operation state of the machine.

After a series of optimization designs, Wilp's environmental protection screw-type sludge dewaterer has solved the problem of difficult sludge treatment in pharmaceutical industry, and found a new direction for sludge treatment in pharmaceutical industry.


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