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Win win cooperation

In response to the call of the Party and the state to strengthen cooperation between schools and enterprises, we should fully study, propagate and comprehend the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Party and put it into practice, give full play to the advantages of both schools and enterprises, and the function of higher education in serving the society and enterprises, so as to better train high-quality and high-skilled applied talents for society and enterprises, as well as practice, training and employment for students. To provide more space, with the joint efforts of both sides, Wilp Environmental Protection and Nanjing Institute of Technology win-win cooperation.

Talents training plays a key role in the development of enterprises. Enterprise participation is the only way for school-enterprise cooperation, a pragmatic way, and a solid support for the sustainable development of education. Adhering to the tenet of "creating opportunities for talent development and building a platform for talent recruitment", the two sides, in line with the principle of mutual benefit and complementarity of advantages, further broaden the areas of cooperation and constantly strengthen deeper cooperation and exchanges. After a long period of running-in, mutual recognition has promoted the successful cooperation between the two sides, and further developed multi-level, multi-form and multi-field for both sides of schools and enterprises. Cooperation, the organic combination and optimal allocation of school and enterprise resources, and joint training of talents to meet the needs of economic and social development have created new ideas and provided new ways. This strategic cooperation is not only a win-win cooperation between Wilp's environmental protection and Nanjing's industry in the employment and application of talents, but also broadens the way for the scientific training of talents and the rational application of human resources in Jiangsu and even the whole country, and innovates the mode.


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