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welpep's Opinion on Maintenance of Stacked Sludge Dewaterer

The main purpose of the laminated screw sludge dewaterer is to meet the requirements of circulating water quality after the treatment of similar industrial organic wastewater and wastewater, and to recycle the treated wastewater. Machine operation must strengthen the maintenance and maintenance of equipment. The workload of sewage treatment engineering equipment maintenance is the smallest local repair, only local repair, replacement and adjustment. The laminated screw sludge dewaterer equipment keeps the machine in good condition and in normal condition. It is ready to be put into use at any time. Daily maintenance, cleaning, inspection, refueling and other external maintenance of sewage treatment engineering equipment shall be undertaken by operators and inherited part. Inspection and maintenance of fragile parts of sewage treatment equipment, including cleaning, lubrication, disassembly and adjustment of local and key equipment, should be undertaken by operators under professional guidance.

Strict inspection and maintenance of sewage treatment project for secondary maintenance equipment of laminated screw sludge dewaterer, including accuracy of replacement parts and maintenance equipment, should be undertaken by professional maintenance technicians. Equilibrium of technical conditions of auxiliary equipment and spare parts of wastewater treatment engineering equipment can achieve the longest maintenance interval and save manpower and financial resources. Scientific use of water treatment engineering equipment to ensure that the machine rotation, accessories to achieve the lowest energy consumption. Reasonable operating equipment under the condition of sewage treatment project should strictly follow the operation procedure of technical guidance and timely maintenance to avoid downtime and loss. In short, Wilp environmental protection believes that maintaining effective sewage treatment engineering equipment and maintenance can improve the economic efficiency of equipment, reduce operating costs, ensure safety and extend the service life of equipment is of great significance.

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Many people mentioned the relationship between temperature and pH value of PH.Forelectrode, the influence of temperature on pH/pH 0.003 C. If 0.2 grade acidity meter calibrates pH 7.00 buffer solution, then test the solution (if the range of pH 6-8 and pH 7.00 different pH units), the maximum error of temperature effect is 30 x 0.003 = 0.09 pH.If 3 pH unit (range of pH 4-10), pH value. The maximum error is 0.27, which indicates that temperature has a great influence on the pH value. Of course, we can also draw the conclusion that in order to reduce the error of temperature to pH measurement, Wilp environmental protection reminds us to pay attention to the following three points: try to choose a solution close to pH buffer acidity meter calibration test. Trying to make the temperature of the calibration solution consistent with or close to the temperature test solution. The temperature compensation of acidity meter should be chosen. Accuracy is higher than 0.1 pH acidity meter temperature compensation adjustment, but 0.2 grade acidity meter and temperature compensation. The 0.2 grade acidity meter also has some accuracy of 0.1. In fact, this is impossible. One is that the accuracy and resolution of pH value are 0.1 and 0.1 pH value 0.1 confuse the two concepts. At 60 C, even by the error of 0.003 x 60 = 0.18 pH value per unit of pH value, there is no temperature compensation for the pH meter, and the highest accuracy is only 0.2 pH value. Landfill leachate treatment process is modified by hypoxic aerobic activated sludge process and SBR process, because it can maintain higher workload and time, and is more effective than traditional activated sludge process. Compared with the treatment of landfill leachate by hypoxic aerobic activated sludge process, the test results show that under controlled conditions, the treatment of landfill leachate by hypoxic aerobic activated sludge process has a remarkable effect. If the treated wastewater is further treated by chemical coagulation, the CODCr of the wastewater can be reduced to less than 100 mg/L by using the laminated screw sludge dewaterer.


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