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Environmental protection equipment enterprises expect products to have rules and regulations, and promote standardization in depth

Environmental protection equipment is an important part of environmental protection industry. After nearly 30 years of development, the integration, integration and localization of manufacturing technology of environmental protection equipment in China have been paid more and more attention. However, due to the lack of standardization and serialization of environmental protection equipment, it is also an important reason for the problems such as mixed market and low price competition.


In this regard, some leaders of environmental protection equipment enterprises in an interview with reporters said that the standardization of environmental protection equipment should be achieved, the technical content of equipment should be improved, while promoting market norms, equipment investment and operation costs can also be reduced. At present, many enterprises have participated in the standardization of environmental protection equipment, and hope to share the industry dividends and gain some profits in the industry.


There are many problems of non-standardization of equipment


It is easy to increase project cost, and it is difficult to reflect the relationship between product quality and price because of the inconsistency of standards for the same kind of environmental protection equipment. It is easy to cause unfair competition.


Reporters learned that compared with the European Union, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States and other countries and regions, China's environmental protection equipment standardization is still relatively inadequate, the urgent need to establish a corresponding system.


Taking water treatment equipment as an example, there are some problems in the industry, such as material, model, interface and so on, which make it difficult for some enterprises to purchase environmental protection equipment because of the lack of uniform standards.


The long-standing non-standardization of equipment in this industry has brought many problems to equipment enterprises and their upstream enterprises. The head of a water enterprise said that in the past, the upstream water enterprises sought equipment manufacturers according to their own needs, usually relying on acquaintances or industry reputation, but the results are not necessarily satisfactory. For example, there are problems in equipment maintenance, and it is difficult to connect or replace supporting equipment or parts.


In many cases, the non-standardization of equipment will greatly increase the cost of the project, and even bring more troubles to the relevant enterprises because of the failure to find standard supporting equipment in time. So the standardization of common environmental protection equipment and auxiliary equipment is the trend.


Management model should be standardized and unified


At present, many environmental protection equipment can be standardized, and the equipment that started late can absolutely learn from the equipment manufacturing that has developed mature and standardized.


Which equipment can be standardized? Among them, the late start of equipment production can absolutely draw lessons from those mature and standardized equipment manufacturing system, new equipment or common functional facilities should be standardized. Especially in today's intelligent manufacturing has become the general trend, standardization can greatly reduce the manufacturing costs and operating costs of enterprises, making environmental protection equipment enterprises more effective in environmental engineering systems.


Product standardization needs three steps


Establish product standards that can accurately reflect market demand and satisfy customers, and establish an effective standard system with product standards as the core.


Experts told reporters that at present, China's environmental protection equipment standardization can start from several aspects, including equipment classification and model preparation, technical conditions, spare parts, equipment management standardization and so on. At present, many enterprises have participated in the standardization of equipment.


Our company believes that the standardization of products should be divided into three steps. The first step is to formulate product standards that can accurately reflect market demand and satisfy customers. The second step is to establish an effective standard system with product standards as the core. The third step is to promote standardization in depth and support product development with various standardization forms. The standardization of products plays a decisive role in the design, development, manufacture and acceptance of products.



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