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Environmental Protection Supervision Stepped into Normalization

It is reported that this year, China will carry out the first round of central environmental protection inspectors "look back" and the second round of central environmental protection inspectors. From interviews, briefings to accountability, China's environmental protection supervision work is deepening, and has always maintained a high-pressure situation of increasing codes. Experts believe that China's environmental protection supervision has entered a new stage of establishing rules and regulations. The next step should be to actively promote the legal and standardized construction of environmental protection supervision in light of the practice of environmental protection supervision, and promote local governments to better perform their environmental protection management responsibilities.

Carrying out environmental protection supervision is an important institutional arrangement for the Party Central Committee and the State Council to promote the construction of ecological civilization and environmental protection. The first meeting of the Central Committee for Comprehensive Deepening Reform held in March highly affirmed the remarkable achievements of the first round of central environmental protection supervision.

The data are the most convincing. Since January 2016, the central environmental protection supervision has achieved full coverage of 31 provinces (districts and municipalities) in Hebei Province within two years. The first round of central environmental protection supervision conducted individual talks with 768 leading cadres at provincial level and above, 677 leading cadres at Department level, visited 689 provincial departments and units, accepted 135,000 environmental reports from the masses, directly promoted the solution of over 80,000 environmental problems around the masses, and handed over 387 ecological environmental damage responsibilities to provincial Party committees and governments in accordance with procedures. Case files; a total of 29,000 enterprises were punished with a fine of about 1.43 billion yuan; 1518 cases were investigated and 1527 persons detained; 18448 party and government leaders were interviewed and 18199 party and government leaders were accountable, of which 875 were at or above the disposal level. It was also revealed that the final number of accountable persons would be far more than 18,000 because the rectification of the case files handed over by the central environmental protection inspectors would last for a long time.

It is worth mentioning that since late April, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment has intensively reported a number of incidents of pollution rebound and inadequate rectification after the central environmental protection supervision.

The three pollution incidents reported in this report were all found in the special supervision of "point-by-point" type, in which a "back-to-horse gun" was killed after the inspection team stationed. It is understood that, in view of the problem of pollution rebound after the departure of the inspection team, the central environmental protection supervision consciously carried out "point-and-point" special supervision, that is, special supervision for key areas, key industries and key issues. According to Liu Youbin, a spokesman for the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, according to the central plan, the first round of central environmental protection inspectors will be carried out this year, and the second round of central environmental protection inspectors will be carried out, striving to achieve full coverage again in about three years.

Industry insiders pointed out that "mobile" and "point-and-point" special supervision as an exploration form of environmental protection supervision, together with the existing central environmental protection supervision and provincial environmental protection supervision, constituted a multi-level and multi-level environmental protection supervision system with Chinese characteristics, further strengthened the high-pressure situation of environmental protection supervision, and promoted the implementation of social environmental protection responsibility.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Ecological Environment, 26 provinces and municipalities have established and implemented the environmental protection supervision mechanism under the provincial level in accordance with the central model, and 31 provinces have set up leading groups for supervision and rectification. In addition, since the initiation of the central environmental protection supervision, more than 240 provinces (districts and cities) have issued or revised policies, regulations and system standards for ecological environment protection; 31 provinces have issued the division of responsibilities for environmental protection, the environmental protection supervision program and the implementation measures for the investigation and investigation of ecological environment damage responsibility of leading cadres of the Party and government.

On April 25, Li Ganjie, Minister of Ecological Environment, made a report to the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on the state of the environment and the completion of environmental protection objectives in 2017. He pointed out that this year, regulations on environmental protection supervision will be formulated to further consolidate the environmental protection responsibilities of local governments, departments and subjects. Li Ganjie also said publicly on many occasions that he was sufficiently summarizing the first round of environmental protection supervision, studying and promoting the formulation of relevant laws and regulations on central environmental protection supervision, and putting it on the track of legalization and standardization.

Wu Shunze, director of the Environmental and Economic Policy Research Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, told Economic Reference that with the development of environmental protection supervision, it is urgent to make supervision more standardized, procedural, routine and legalized. The urgent task is to speed up the legal construction of environmental protection supervision, clarify the basic system, working procedure and responsibility mechanism of environmental protection supervision in the form of administrative regulations, so as to make environmental protection supervision work legal. Wu Shunze and other experts further pointed out that national environmental protection supervision regulations could be explored and promulgated, and the power system of environmental protection supervision including supervision and inspection power, supervision and supervision power, accountability power and so on could be constructed.


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