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Night Talk of Six Big Giants

After nearly 30 years of development, the environmental protection industry has ushered in a period of market explosion. The earliest start of sewage sludge treatment and disposal is still the focus of the market. What is the current industrial situation? Where is the future? On September 23, during the 2016 Shanghai Water Industry Hot Spot Forum, industry experts gathered to launch a night talk on these topics.


Xue Tao, Senior Partner of E20 Environment Platform and Executive Director of E20 Research Institute, presided over the night talk. Fu Tao, Principal Partner/Chairman of E20 Environment Platform, and Zhang Chen, Secretary of the Party Committee, General Worker/Master of National Engineering Survey and Design of Shanghai General Academy of Political Engineering Design and Research (Group), Tang Jianguo, Chief Worker of Shanghai General Academy of Urban Construction and Design, School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tongji University Dai Xiaohu, director of the National Engineering Research Center for Pollution Control in Chang/City, and Hang Shijun, former Deputy Engineer of Beijing Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute, had a deep exchange. Six cafes shared their insights into the industry for decades.


Dai Xiaohu: It must be the combination of technology and market that China's environmental protection enters the stage of quality improvement.

Dai Xiaohu believes that the first stage of China's environmental protection industry is leap-forward development, and the second stage should be the stage of quality improvement. Now we are in the second stage of development, "if we want to land, our research will either be innovative, forward-looking, or technology can achieve results transformation." Colleges and universities throughout the country should also be clear about this goal, which is also a powerful impetus for the future of the industry. In the future, the voice of university professors or the content of research should be more in line with the needs of enterprises and industries.

Now the industry is in a brand-new stage, which is a critical period for enterprises in the field of sewage sludge, because the country vigorously promotes innovation, especially the national innovation-driven strategy. In such an atmosphere, many entrepreneurs will make great achievements.

Solving environmental problems can not be separated from the cooperation of enterprises. Environmental science is an applied discipline, which can solve China's environmental problems. In the world, it is NO.1. However, the solution of environmental problems can not be separated from the cooperation of enterprises, the original results can not be transformed, because universities, research institutes and enterprises are disconnected. In the past stage of development, the combination of capital and market has become more and more close, but the gap between technology and market is still large. In the next stage of development, technological innovation is the focus. Compared with advanced countries, our technology still has a gap, but these problems are also a good opportunity for domestic enterprises, because foreign traditional technology and ideas in our practice still encounter bottlenecks, requiring enterprises to innovate themselves.

Based on the above considerations, Dai Xiaohu put forward three ideas:

First, the future of environmental protection industry still depends on R&D. Many people think that the master is in the folk. Indeed, in recent years, there have been many amazing technologies.

Secondly, the management departments are also responsible for the low-price competition in the industry. Because in the present bidding system, there is no competitive advantage introduced, but the price competition is put in the first place. As Zhang Chen suggested, competition mechanism should be introduced, and enterprises should be able to participate in competitive bidding in the process of formulating plans. This may be the way to solve the problem.

Thirdly, we should grasp the market direction or the national standard. At present, the investment of the country is relatively small, and many research processes are not perfect in the whole standard. We call for sufficient research and research in the formulation of the standard, so that the standard is more feasible.

Finally, he concluded that the next stage must be the combination of technology and market, low-cost project is not conducive to technology implantation into the market, and brand building is also a problem. How to control quality, so that all enterprises can compete fairly and reasonably and play a better role is an important issue for the industry to face in the future. If this issue is handled properly, it is a positive energy for the development of the industry. If it is not handled properly, it may dampen the enthusiasm of a number of innovative enterprises, and make the market become rough and crafted, and the really good things can not come out.

Tang Jianguo: Sewage sludge industry, "mixing" is not going to survive.

"Today we chat, I think the work of the design institute can not be done," Tang Jianguo began with this feeling. He explained that a scientific research can be done for five, six or even seven years, which is called "scientific decision-making". Scientific research is about the feasibility of the project. The preliminary design solves the problem of how to do the technology, and the construction is very fast. As long as the owner signs, the project will start. Tang Jianguo recently looked at a number of design drawings. In order to catch up with time, they were very delicate. "If the preliminary design is not available, how to do the technology?" He appealed that, despite the fierce competition and great market pressure, the owners should be considerate of the design institute and give sufficient drawing time.

After a day's forum, Tang Jianguo felt deeply. He summarized his feelings with innovation, practice and promotion, and talked about his four experiences in the night talk.

1. Perception is not enough. Perception is Chinese characteristic. Sponge city, black and stinky water body and four kinds of water are perception. Leaders and people must feel that things can be done. This is called perception, but our perception is too little.

2. Don't mix up any more. Previously, they were two-level or one-level B standards. There were many units and one line, which could be used to mix up a lot. Everyone met the standard. Now the standard has been raised to a level A, or to four types of water, mixing up will not meet the standard.

What can't we do? Tang Jianguo also pointed out the way: "There is a saying that the sewage treatment plant is designed for the operators to see." I think it's right, our design is not for the leaders to see. This requires that operators must be given an operating platform, so that workers have good management tools. Now the sewage treatment plant is "to change with the change", but now the water quality and quantity are changing every minute, which requires process control, and a platform for you to change with me."

3. The banner of sustainable development of green cycle can not fall down. We should stick to this idea to do well in what we do.

4. The invisible front is too important. The first sentence of the regulation of black and stinky rivers is to intercept pollution, but if it is dirty, it will not intercept rainwater, because rainwater is related to safety. But precisely because sewage is connected to rainwater pipes, many drainage pipes are horrible. The three landslides in Lanzhou are caused by drainage pipes, and the quality improvement of drainage pipes is too important.

Zhang Chen: This industry needs a peaceful mentality, but also needs the integration of the system.

"Understanding" is the theme of Zhang Chen's speech. Putting aside the impression that he has always been a "master of technology", Zhang Chen talked about his aspirations in the environmental protection industry for many years. "As a party cadre, we have been talking about culture and inheritance, because now the Municipal Council can not be one-to-one correspondence, can only use the concept of culture to unify. We have been communicating with young friends and employees, and finally condensed into a word, which is "understanding". Today, when we get together, we have to communicate and understand each other.

Zhang Chen unavoidably said that "in recent years, we feel that the mentality is not equal", because their classmates engaged in real estate, finance, the value is far greater than themselves, assets are far higher than themselves. I also worked hard, but compared with these students, virtual assets are too weak. "We can't change these, but we can change some things, such as the development of industry."

Zhang Chen gives some suggestions on how to change the industrial development. One of the leaders of the Ministry of Housing and Construction once told Zhang Chen that in the forum of environmental protection industry, only technology was seen, but integration and policy were not seen. In the forum of real estate industry, only policy and how to influence the government were discussed, so the situation has developed to today. "While environmental protection is still at the technical level, we still need to upgrade the concept. It is also very hard to upgrade the concept. How to gather the industry may be difficult. We hope that our entrepreneurs can focus on the development of the industry."

Hang Shijun: Don't follow the trend. What you need to do is stick to the right areas.

Where is the outlet of sewage sludge? Hang Shijun believes that the current sewage treatment plants should be divided into two categories: one is stable and up to standard A, which is better; the other is not up to standard. Hang Shijun has gone to some projects, and she believes that these plants "do not say whether they meet the standard, there are many problems, but at first glance they do not meet the standard".

The first type of sewage treatment plant should consider energy saving, consumption reduction and resource utilization. We also need to work hard on equipment. Hang Shijun reminds domestic enterprises that they should not follow the trend one by one. They should give full play to their strengths and thoroughly study one thing. When they find that a technology can enter the market and be able to sustain profits, they should study hard.

Second, enterprises that fail to meet the standards should first clarify the current situation. Hang Shijun pointed out that many enterprises'basic information is always unclear, lacking the authenticity of basic information, we must find out the right problems, rebuild, build our own brand, and strive for the right to speak. At the same time, because the industry has made contributions.

In addition, Hang Shirong talked about the expectations of enterprises: hope that enterprises do not follow the trend, to play their own strengths, while the development needs to work together, not identical, to cooperate, so as to do a good job in the industry and solve environmental problems. E20 has created a platform for the joint efforts of enterprises, hoping that each enterprise will also establish its own small platform, technology will certainly improve.

Fu Tao: From "Hostels" to "Star-rated Hotels", Brand Upgrading of Environmental Industry

When it comes to industrial development, Fu Tao first uses cooking as a metaphor.

Environmental protection is a rigid demand for the government, just like cooking. There are many ways to cook, one is to let the family do, need to buy vegetables, which is equivalent to sewage treatment in institutions, need to purchase, this is not an industry.

When you think your family is not doing well enough, you can hire hourly workers, pay hourly fees, hourly workers provide labor services and accept supervision, food prices can be monitored, this is purchasing services.

When you feel that the hourly work is not good enough, you can ask the service company. When the service company comes, it provides a series of services. At this time, you can't see the price of the dishes, because he wants to meet your different needs. Finally, he may pay according to how many finished products he has made. At this time, the price is different.

If you feel that the service company is not doing well enough, you can go to restaurants, restaurant cooking is an industry, you will not ask how much the restaurant costs, how much salary, what kind of chef, it has nothing to do with you, this is already a market competition system, we call it market-oriented.

When you have a higher pursuit and start a party, the food doesn't change, but the cost can rise from tens of dollars to thousands of dollars. Why? When you go to a restaurant to eat, no brand is a service company. We don't want to pay more for purchasing, but in a five-star hotel, you won't feel expensive, because it's a commodity, it's a branded thing.

Fu Tao believes that the same principle can be applied to the field of environmental governance. When the enterprise is the government's agent factory, the government must strictly control the budget. When the enterprise does labor service, the government will calculate the cost, and the price will naturally be very low, because the industry does not really carry out product and brand upgrading. If the environmental protection enterprises are cooks, they are still discussing how to cook the dishes well, which is very backward, and we do not have really senior experts who are servers. "It's time for our industry to think about change," says Fu Tao.

The same is true of the real estate industry. In the early stage, the real estate industry built houses and bought houses without the concept of property management. Now, the real estate industry is operating real estate, which is the property service industry and financial service industry.

"The industry will be transformed at a certain stage, and the environmental industry will also be transformed into a technology transformation period. We should fully understand the service standard. Without the service standard, the service industry is not a service industry." Fu Tao calls on everyone to fully respect the existence of service standards and treat services as costs rather than equipment. Equipment is like food. Restaurants are products. Only when we truly establish our own service brand, can the industry be mature, the profit can go up, and the charge of five-star hotels be achieved. When an industry reaches a certain height, there will be a brand, and it will become a service company. At the end of the speech, Fu Tao also put forward some suggestions for the development of enterprises: "No good brand is based on the national standard. To meet the national standard must be the finished product price. Hostels and five-star hotels can not be a price. We should also think about how to add dishes to the brand's supply chain, cooperate with the big money leader, and let him pull you up.

Xue Tao: The industry is in the shift period. We should be confident.

At the end of the night talk, Xue Tao, the host, expressed a lot of emotion. For the current environmental protection industry, he summed up his own two points: we should have confidence in the direction of China's economic development and reform. We are in a virtuous industry. We should be glad to be in an industry that has great demand in the future and will certainly bring health value to our country. We are now in the "shift period", from the technical level, industrial level, we all have to work hard.


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