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How to recycle printing and dyeing sludge: three options

China's printing and dyeing industry is very developed. Clothing factories and printing and dyeing factories are densely distributed in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. Developed printing and dyeing industry naturally produces a large number of printing and dyeing sludge. In the future, economic and environmental protection will be developed synchronously, so as to avoid the frequent occurrence of sludge dumping at will and non-standard discharge. Zhengzhou Shengsheng summarized the three ways of printing and dyeing sludge, and solved the problem of printing and dyeing sludge treatment in printing and dyeing factories.


Outlet 1: Production of Plastic Products from Printing and Dyeing Sludge

The printing and dyeing sludge, additives and fillers were mixed and stirred according to different specifications. The molecule was modified by physical methods, and the sludge plastic particles were prepared by melting, disinfection, copolymerization and plastics. The sludge plastic particles were put into plastic processing equipment and various sludge plastic products were produced. Compared with dyeing sludge incineration power generation, this technology has higher added value. At present, this technology has been applied in Australia, Britain, Japan and other countries, and initially introduced into China.

Outlet 2: Printing and dyeing sludge for brick making

Sludge brick making is widely recognized in sludge resource disposal. Sludge brick making is also applicable in printing and dyeing sludge disposal. Printing and dyeing sludge is concentrated, then dewatered by Dingsheng UHP sludge dewatering equipment to form sludge cake with low moisture content, and then calcined with other brick-making raw materials to form sintered brick. Printing and dyeing sludge for brick making can maximize the reduction of printing and dyeing sludge and make it disposed of as a resource.

Way Out 3: Incarnated Activated Carbon Opens Green Cycle Mode

Activated carbon made from sludge is not fresh in sludge treatment and disposal. Activated carbon made from printing and dyeing sludge is also a precedent in China. Printing and dyeing sludge enters the sludge disposal device, through the process of sludge drying and secondary combustion, the activated carbon which can be used for municipal sewage treatment, drinking water and industrial wastewater treatment is formed, and the recycling green environmental protection mode is formed. Activated carbon made from printing and dyeing sludge is placed indoors, which can also effectively absorb harmful substances in the air sink and play a role in purifying the air.

Activated carbon is an environmental protection material. The printing and dyeing sludge as a way out not only eliminates its own pollution, but also embodies the environmental protection material. It is a feasible way out.


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