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How to choose snail-stacking sludge dewaterer?

How to choose snail-stacking sludge dewaterer?

Whether the laminated screw sludge dewaterer is good or bad may not be seen in a day or two. Whether the dewaterer is qualified or not depends first on whether you have chosen qualified suppliers.

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The working principle of the screw stacker is as follows:

Concentration: When the screw propels the axis to rotate, the multiple fixed and movable laminates located at the periphery of the propelling shaft move relatively. Under the action of gravity, water filters out from the relative moving lamination gap to achieve rapid concentration.

Dewatering: The concentrated sludge moves forward with the rotation of the spiral axis; along the outlet direction of the mud cake, the pitch of the spiral axis decreases gradually, the gap between the ring and the ring decreases gradually, and the volume of the spiral cavity shrinks continuously; under the action of the back pressure plate at the outlet, the internal pressure increases gradually, and under the continuous operation of the spiral driving axis, the water in the sludge is squeezed out. The solid content of filter cake keeps increasing, and the continuous dewatering of sludge is finally realized.

Self-cleaning: The rotation of the screw shaft promotes the continuous rotation of the swimming ring. The equipment realizes continuous self-cleaning process by moving between the fixed ring and the swimming ring, thus skillfully avoiding the common blockage problem of the traditional dehydrator.

The function of the swimming ring of the screw stacker is not a cleaning process, but to prevent the mud sticking to the axle from pushing forward. Some people may be confused, is there not a screw axle? Anyone who knows this equipment should know that the main part of the dehydration of this kind of equipment is inclined upward in order to dehydrate with gravity. If there is no moving ring, once the barrel is filled up, it will be blocked immediately.

People who don't believe in it can do experiments. So the swimming ring plays a very important role. The spiral axis swimming ring cuts into the mud and plays a supporting role. However, at this time, a small part of the mud will stick to the swimming ring and kick out from the gap between the ring and the ring. The small part of the mud kicked out will be said by some manufacturers to be self-cleaning.

The main component of the laminated screw sludge dewaterer is composed of two parts: the metering mixing flocculation reactor and the laminated screw main body. The front one is secondary, but it is only a good-looking problem. The snail stacking part is the core part of a machine. Of course, the most expensive part is there. The quality of the equipment is there. The evaluation of the equipment depends on the accuracy of the processing and the technological requirements of the spiral shaft processing. The life of a device, fixed ring 15,000 hours or so do not need to be replaced. Swimming ring 8,000 hours or so do not need to be replaced, the screw shaft must reach more than 40,000 hours, of course, if you have money, you can change it every day.

This is the service life of a qualified screw stacking sludge dewaterer.


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