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Reclaimed water in municipal wastewater treatment is a water source with great changes in water quality and very difficult to handle. The concentration of total dissolved solids, COD, BOD, total silicon, ammonia and some other pollutants changes very frequently. In addition, the sewage before treatment contains high concentration of organic matter, microorganisms and so on. Therefore, any product designed to treat reclaimed water must be able to tolerate such variability and contamination. High concentration of organic matter and active organisms, Beijing Yibaixin Company's design is completely in accordance with our company's purpose of "providing maximum environmental protection, and exceeding the industry requirements of water treatment products and highly competitive prices to make sustainable development a reality". The process has the characteristics of high cost performance, easy operation, stable system, and little sewage generated by the system itself. The impact of the environment has been minimized.

Because the water quality of the system is very high, it can make the cooling tower run normally at a high concentration ratio, improve the pipeline conditions of the cooling tower, and save a lot of chemicals to improve the pipeline of the cooling tower.

Chemical oxidation is usually used to remove organic pollutants from chemical wastewater by oxidizing agents. After chemical oxidation and reduction, the organic and inorganic toxic substances contained in sewage can be transformed into non-toxic or less toxic substances, thus achieving the purpose of sewage purification. The common methods are air oxidation, chlorine oxidation and ozonation. Because of its weak oxidation ability, air oxidation is mainly used for sewage treatment with strong reductive substances. Cl2 is a commonly used oxidant. It is mainly used for the treatment of organic sewage containing phenol and cyanide. Ozone is used to treat sewage with strong oxidation ability and no secondary pollution. Ozone oxidation method and chlorine oxidation method have good water treatment effect, but they are not suitable for treating chemical wastewater with large amount of water and relatively low concentration because of their high energy consumption and high cost.

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